The State of GenAI Chatbots in Marketing Report by Cover-1

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GenAI Chatbots in Marketing

Discover How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Marketing

The report offers important insights into how marketers are leveraging generative AI tools to gain a competitive advantage. surveyed 1,000 marketing professionals throughout the US. Nearly three out of four marketers are already using generative AI tools to help create text, images, videos or other marketing content. 

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The top use cases for genAI, including website copy, email copy, and social media content.

The most popular genAI tools marketers are using today.

The key challenges marketers face when adopting genAI, such as training and privacy/security concerns.

How Generative AI is driving ROI, with 66% of companies reporting a positive ROI.

Download the report now and learn how genAI can transform your marketing efforts.

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The State of GenAI Chatbots in Marketing Report

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Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Jeanna Corley, VP of Digital Marketing Experience & Consumer Insights at Frontdoor, Anu Shukla, Executive Chair, and Rebecca Clyde, CEO, as they share the latest research on how marketers are using generative AI tools to improve performance, drive cost efficiencies, and speed up creative cycles.

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